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Botanical Garder In Padua

Information panels

Veneto Vetro participated in the construction of the enlargement of the historic Botanical Garden of Padua built by the VS Associati studio. The structure that was created is a combination of nature and modernity.

We wanted to use glass as a material in order to combine the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of continuity between the environments.

The facades of the Botanical Garden were made of 12 mm clear glass, tempered and subjected to the HST test to avoid any possible breakage caused by the presence of nickel sulphide particles.

Veneto Vetro was not exclusively dedicated to the creation of panels for the facade of the building: for its enlargement, the creation of 64 interactive panels to be displayed inside the building was also commissioned.

Also in this case, the choice of glass as a raw material and Cromoglass® as a digital printing technique was dictated by the durability over time and the high resolution of the images.

The panels that have been created cover a total of about 180 square meters and were created starting from vector images and photographs provided by the customer.

To avoid the presence of annoying reflections that glass can sometimes cause, we printed on face 1, i.e. on the side exposed to the view of visitors.

The Botanical Garden of Padua is still one of the most popular works of Veneto Vetro on the international scene.